A simple micro survey tool to collect customer feedback on any webpage, blog article or SaaS product.

Embed tiny micro surveys in your SaaS product, blog articles or website pages to continuously, and effortlessly, collect customer feedback which you later can use to improve your business or content.

We’ve designed Betasort’s micro surveys to be as non-obstructive as possible and seemlessly integrate wherever they are embedded.

With Betasort you can ask simple, fully customizable questions that users can reply with thumbs up or down. A follow-up question, also fully customizable, then automatically pops up to collect more insights about the users’ particular answer.

Due to the simple nature of the questions and the easiness of answering them just with one click, our clients find that they get a considerably higher volume of feedback than with traditional survey tools.

You can create as many surveys as you wish and see them all in a dashboard, so you can quickly have an overview of where potential problems in your business might exist and direct your efforts to improve them.

Problems with traditional surveys

  • Traditional embeddable surveys take vast space on top of your page.
  • Traditional embeddable surveys are placed as floating buttons, often obstructing the UX and conflicting with other embeds/plugins.
  • Traditional surveys are intimidating to users (who likes to answer surveys) and hence collect a small volume of feedback.
  • Traditional surveys are complex to set up and analyze.

Betasort’s approach

  • Betasort’s surveys are small and visually neutral, and can be set to dark or light mode, to seemlessly merge into the page in which you embed them.
  • Betasort’s surveys embed right into your page or product, not floating on top.
  • Betasort’s surveys can be answered with just a click (thumbs up or down) hence leading to a considerably higher volume of feedback, and respectively more opportunities to improve your business or content quicker.


  • Customize the main survey question
  • Customize follow up questions depending on whether the user replied positively, or negatively.
  • Set your survey to light or dark mode, depending on the design of your page
  • Preview your surveys before publishing or making changes
  • Automatically get key metrics (like the percentage of positive answers) as well as top keywords
  • Dashboard with overview of all your surveys and key metrics so you can identify problems and improve your business quickly
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