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Blakify’s Text to Speech (TTS) software presents the opportunity to bring static content, like ebooks, PDFs, and other training documents, to life. This technology is highly beneficial when you need to convert long passages of text into playable audio. You can generate realistic text-to-speech audio using the online website in seconds. From there, download mp3 files and WAV format, which play on any device!

With this AI Voice Generator and best synthetic voices from Google, Amazon, IBM & Microsoft.

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Create Natural Sounding Speech In 60+ Languages & Accents with Blakify Lifetime Deal.

With our TTS service, you can have your message delivered in over 60 languages. We offer voices for every occasion, from calm and professional to passionate or excited – all at the touch of a button!

Blakify Lifetime Deal Create Natural Sounding Speech


With the help of this service, you can store and manage your text-to-speech synthesized audio files in one place, so they stay safe. You’ll also be able to create drafts for future conversions or changes without having them disappear if something goes wrong!

Blakify store and manage audio files


Create your own high-quality audio files in minutes with this easy to use online tool! Choose from different sample rates and export them as MP3s or WAVs. You can even convert text into an appealing format for listening on the go – just download it once, then embed it anywhere there’s space leftover (like inside another document).

Blakify audio formats


Merging audio files is a great way to combine different voices and perspectives. You can also create drafts of your text, which will allow you more flexibility in what’s being said!

Blakify multiple voices

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