With Blinkstore, launch a white-labeled merchandise store for your brand. And automate the swag delivery process to your new employees, clients, and users. For a limited time, you can get the Blinkstore lifetime deal, while lifetime code supplies last!

Save 1000s of hours in operations of designing and sending official merchandise to employees, users, and clients.

With Blinkstore, launch your official brand store and let it work the magic. All companies and brands have their own official merchandise and swag tiems. But the operations behind it are cumbersome and difficult. Blinkstore lifetime deal brings to you the store vertically integrated with inventory, print-on-demand, and shipping.

With makes the process of shipping merch seamless and automated for all. Taking away the need for many people to get involved in it.

Here’s how Blinkstore lifetime deal works:

1. Sign up on Blinkstore (seller.blinkstore.in) and click on “New –> Create Store”. Name your store and click on “Create Store”. It’ll be created and get live on a subdomain.

How Blinkstore Lifetime Deal Works

2. Customize the store as per your brand requirements, link it to a custom domain (optional), and add the relevant social media and contact details.

Blinkstore Lifetime Deal Customization

3. “Add Products”, upload your designs, and make the custom products live on the store in the choise of your color.

Blinkstore Add Products

Please note that all the products will be available for purchase in all the standard sizes.

Companies around the world spend countless hours arranging and delivering swag bags and merchandise to their employees, customers, and clients.

  • The task of sending swag bags or official merchandise to employees is full of hassle
  • It involves placing merchandise printing orders, shipping, and quality control.
  • HRs and People’s Operations team end up wasting a lot of time or avoiding the essential activity of sending swag to key stakeholders.
  • There’s no fully-managed service that companies can trustfully outsource their merchandise operations to.

Launch your brand’s official swag store on Blinkstore that works for you, and works like magic!

  • Create your official merchandise store, a white-labeled e-commerce store.
  • Upload brand assets (logo and designs) to customize 30+ variety of products.
  • Now you can order merchandise for your employees, clients, and users.
  • Blinkstore will manage the inventory, print-on-demand, and ship the orders.

Blinkstore lifetime deal is packed with powerful E-commerce features:

Link Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track the traffic on your store.
Customize the store’s theme, banner image, description, social media links, and contact eamil.

Get Blinkstore lifetime deal while the limited stock lasts!

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Free (Complimentary) Merchandise
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