The constant back and forth between you, the manager, your team, and your clients takes more time than the actual time consumed by the project activities. Managing such PMs and emails are a daily headache. This is the reason we have created a visual Debug Tool to remove the clutter and help you manage projects better.

DebugTool Lifetime Deal is your ultimate partner for clutter-free project management. Multiple channels of communication take the wind out of your sails. This project management tool will improve the communication and workflow of your project and live up to your expectations!

Overview Of DebugTool Lifetime Deal Project Management System:

DebugTool Lifetime Deal

DebugTool Lifetime Deal

DebugTool Lifetime Deal

DebugTool Lifetime Deal

DebugTool Lifetime Deal

Here’s What You Can Expect :

  • Speed up your entire project delivery flow by weeks and months
  • Project management center to handle the big projects
  • Logging all tasks and hours spent
  • 1-minute integration
  • Masterclass included
  • Free WordPress Plugin
  • Visual debugging directly on your website
  • Logging all tasks and hours spent

Features of the DebugTool Lifetime Deal:

  • Plan projects with milestones
  • Task delegation
  • Agile development
  • Project management
  • Different roles, team management
  • Project invites
  • Instant overview progress projects
  • Insight team load
  • Communicate with team member
  • Inbox system
  • Disk storage
  • Support for software engineering
  • Support website development
  • Debugtool works behind in logs
  • Free Video tutorials to get the most out of Debugtool
  • Advance statistics to help your company grow
  • Visual debugging
  • Information about screen size, weburls, type of browser, operation system
  • Automated mailing
  • Upload photos
  • Make screenshots
  • Toggle function
  • Hour report
  • Option to display designs and add comments
  • Board function like Trello
  • Tasks by groups
  • Tasks by milestones
  • Tasks by calendar
  • Project planning
  • Assign task to programmers , text writers and designers
  • Communicate in one window with your clients
  • Automatic snapshot project
  • Urgency tasks
  • Activity updates
  • 1 minute setup tool
  • WordPress plugin , one click installation
  • Support for Laravel, Zend , Codeigniter, Joomla and all the other frameworks
  • Project and task statusses
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Visual on site feedback
  • No need to login
  • Secure
  • Mobile friendly
  • Google drive api
  • Dropbox api
  • Media library
  • Color coded stickers
  • Responsive display
  • Internal tasks
  • Filters for tasks
  • Project preparation
  • Every month free updates
  • Client training
  • And much much more…

How DebugTool Lifetime Deal Project Management System Works:

Watch a Free Masterclass on How To Use The Debug Tool Effectively: Watch Masterclass

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Lifetime Access to DebugTool
Lifetime Access to DebugTool

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