Elai.io is a leading text-to-video platform that allows you to create customized AI videos with a human presenter using text. Forget expensive video equipment, actors, studio rentals, and production software. Instead, use Elai’s feature-rich platform to quickly render professional videos in no time. 

What is Elai.io?

Elai is a revolutionary text-to-video platform that allows you to create customized AI videos spoken by a human avatar that says exactly what you want. 

As easy as using PowerPoint or Word, Elai will have you generating videos within minutes. Unlike the cartoon-style or whiteboard videos that are common and low quality, Elai’s platform uses real humans and voices to render professional videos for various purposes. 

Creating your next spokesperson video won’t cost an arm and a leg. It’ll actually be enjoyable and fast. 

For a more customized video, you’ll have the ability to upload your own voice to better connect with employees, customers, and clients. Furthermore, the Elai team has created generous lifetime deal plans that offer Custom Avatars to truly connect with your audience. 

Use Cases

Elai’s videos are great for many different purposes. With 69+ languages available for translation, make quality videos quickly and efficiently while saving on production costs. Create stunning…

  • Explainer Videos – Explain your product and how it works to your audience with product walkthroughs.
  • Sales Videos – Create interesting videos that help sell your product and target specific audiences!
  • HR Onboarding Videos – Generate HR or Company Policy related videos in multiple languages.
  • E-Learning / Training Videos – Educational institutions, coaches, and any business that needs to create informational videos.
  • Personalized Marketing Videos – Create multiple versions of marketing videos targeted at specific niches quickly
  • Corporate Communications – Generate presentations for your company for both internal and external stakeholders, including your company announcements!
  • Customer Service Procedures – Provide educational videos to customer service representatives that provide instructions and how-to’s.
  • Health & Safety Videos – Create videos required for your business including Health and Safety Protocols and COVID procedures.
  • Real Estate Videos – Easily create listing videos or other marketing videos for your growing business.
  • Landing Page Videos – Populate videos for any landing page to increase search engine visibility and conversions.
  • And more!

What Can Elai Do?

Elai.io is jam-packed with amazing features:

  • Text To Video – Create professional-looking videos with audio and a speaker avatar just from text.
  • 69+ Languages – Render voices in 69+ different languages.
  • 14 AI Avatars – Elai.io provides 14 human avatars to choose from.
  • Custom Avatars – Easily create an avatar of yourself or team member(s) to use in your videos.
  • Multi-Slide Videos – Within minutes, create a professional multiple scene/slide video experience.
  • Add Text, Images, Shapes – Add text, images, shapes, and slide animations to your videos within Elai.io.
  • Custom Backgrounds – Easily upload any image or video as a background to your videos, or use one of Elai.io’s professionally designed backgrounds.
  • Audio Uploads – Upload real voice clips to create video clips with your AI presenter.
  • Background Music – Choose from a selection of different types of music moods.
  • MP4 Downloads – Download videos in 1280×720 resolution.
  • Update Video Content – Elai.io makes it easy to duplicate your video, change the text, and have an updated version within a few minutes.
  • Thinkific Integration – Elai has an API Interface to integrate with your Thinkific LMS.

An Important Note About Custom Avatars

If the human avatars provided by Elai aren’t enough, then opt for a CUSTOM avatar of yourself and/or a team member. It’s worth noting that this is the ONLY lifetime deal that offers TWO (2) CUSTOM AVATARS for such advanced technology at such a low price. 

Why is this notable? Because creating a custom avatar requires substantial effort to render a usable avatar within the app. There is some manual effort required by the team. The very few companies in the market that offer anything similar charge $1000 per YEAR and another charges $1400 for 1 custom avatar

Elai has graciously offered our community 1 custom avatar in Tier 3 and 2 custom avatars in Tier 4. 

Show them some love for this amazing offer.   

How It Works

Creating a video is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

elai edit screen
  1. Simply choose an AI presenter from Elai’s library. Or use a custom avatar of yourself or a team member.
  2. Type your text and add backgrounds, music, or additional slides using Elai’s simple interface.
  3. Click publish and get notified when your video is ready to downloadedit, or translate into dozens of languages.

Easily transcribe lengthy videos and produce short video highlights in minutes! Here is a sample video that one of our RocketHub team members created to illustrate what you can do with Elai.io:

Plans and Features

The lucky Rocketeers who buy this deal will get the following:

Deal Terms

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • 30-day refund period from date of purchase

Features Included in All Plans

  • Lifetime access to Elai.io
  • Voices in 69+ Languages
  • Upload Background Images & Videos
  • Access to Stock Images, Videos, and Music Libraries
  • Scene/Slide Transitions & Animations
  • Ability to Share Pages
  • No Watermark in Video
  • Upload Voice Audio
  • Access to Human Avatars in App (Currently 14 Avatars) 
Help a friend save money and become a hero!
Lifetime Access to Elai.io
License Tier 1 Basic Plan
All features above included
15 minutes per month
Unused Credits Rollover
1 User
No Premium Templates
No Custom Avatar
No Custom Music
No Custom Fonts
License Tier 2 Advanced Plan
All features above included
50 minutes per month
Unused Credits Rollover
3 Users
Premium Templates
Custom Music
Custom Fonts
No Custom Avatar
License Tier 3 Corporate Plan
All features above included
100 minutes per month
Unused Credits Rollover
5 Users
Premium Templates
1 Custom Avatar
Custom Music
Custom Fonts
License Tier 4 Platinum Plan
All features above included
200 minutes per month
Unused Credits Rollover
10 Users
Premium Templates
2 Custom Avatars
Custom Music
Custom Fonts

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