The ethos platform helps brand professionals strengthen their brand identity by increasing their brand visibility 4x through consistent activation across all marketing and sales channels. For a limited time, you can get the ethos lifetime deal, while lifetime code supplies last!

To increase brand recognition, we provide every team member and partner with the confidence that they are using the correct logos, colors, fonts, graphics, messaging and more. Control your brand reputation with consistent visual identity.

Create: Choose a stunning Brand Guideline template and easily add your creative assets and brand messaging

Launch: Publish your Brand Guidelines as an interactive website to showcase and maintain your branding best practices

Share: Deploy your brand voice and image correctly with your Brand Guidelines to control and activate your powerful brand position

By creating your online Brand Guidelines with ethos you’ll have your official brand assets available 100% of the time all from a single link.

Start empowering your brand with ethos lifetime deal

Prospects and customers become confused when a brand identity changes frequently and evolves randomly. Inconsistent branding makes it challenging to create trust. As different logos, colors and fonts are used on separate platforms and channels, brand equity and credibility erode. Over time, brand inconsistencies start to accumulate, and the true image and personalities of the brand grow distorted. Because the human brain recognizes images 60,000 times faster than words, the public’s immediacy with the brand disappears when they’re not able to identify a visual pattern readily.

ethos is a simple and universal Brand Empowerment Platform for team members at all levels in the organization in Sales, Marketing, Product and Support. ethos makes it easy to create a beautiful and organized digital Brand Guidelines that become the single source of truth for a company’s brand content. With ethos an admin can select a Brand Guideline template, upload their official brand content (brand messaging, brand assets, brand style and brand rules), and share it with the public or with select team members who can then download and copy/paste official brand content on-demand.

To increase brand recognition, ethos lifetime deal provides every team member with the confidence that they are using the correct logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and messaging. Access to ethos interactive Brand Guidelines can be democratized across the entire organization, which makes it easy to share anytime.

Deal Features:

  • Selection of beautifully designed Brand Guideline templates
  • Digital asset management (DAM) for storing, sharing, and delivering information specific to branding
  • Helps marketing and brand professionals activate their brand correctly with a custom Brand Guidelines web page
  • Automatically organizes brand content (brand messaging, brand assets, brand style and brand rules)
  • Designs and launches a Brand Guideline that is always ready for immediate distribution
  • Premium plan has no limits for the number of Brand Guidelines created and user invited
  • Built by brand professionals for companies with branding in their core DNA Increases brand visibility (online and offline) as a result of consistent branding practices
  • Supports companies after their initial brand design and messaging has been established

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Upload images, documents and other file formats

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