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When routine HR tasks take longer than they should, how much money does your business lose with every day that goes by?

Why waste your staff’s time on busy work when they could be focusing on the core activities that add value to your business?

Bureaucracy and HR can be complex for small businesses that don’t have the budgets big companies have. 


Fluida allows staff to save time across a myriad of tasks. When ten-minute tasks become ten-second tasks, magical things begin to happen. 

Take expense reports, for instance. Without Fluida you must: find the excel template, fill it out, start composing an email, take a picture of the receipt, add it to the email, make sure you remember to include all contextual information, and CC all parties that should be informed, a manager receives it, scrutinize it, approves it and gives the go-ahead to accounting who will, finally, send the reimbursement to the employee. And this is supposed to be a routine task? It’s like running a marathon to reach the bathroom.   

Let’s do a bit of quick math: multiply the time lost when completing a task like the one that was just described by the number of times similar tasks have to be performed by an employee in a given month,  then multiply that number by how many employees your business has and you’ll begin to understand just how much time Fluida will give back to your business.   

💸 Since time is money, how much is each day without Fluida costing you?


Imagine managers that needn’t dig through old emails to collect scattered expense reports sent by their team, doctor’s notes, time off requests and countless other documents that require their attention. Imagine employees that can effortlessly fill out and send this documentation without even needing to be trained to do so because the process is so fast and simple.

📈 Allow your staff to spend time on the core activities that add value to your business, not the busywork that is below their pay grade.


When is the last time the word “easy” was used to describe anything bureaucracy-related? Our platform is designed for humans, not tech. or HR experts. If you know how to use Facebook, you’re good. 

In fact, Fluida is so easy to use that an unexpected consequence of using it is the fact it markedly improves the onboarding process of new employees. This is because new employees no longer have to learn the unique details of how certain tasks are handled inside a company: all tasks managed through Fluida are so intuitive they are self-explanatory. No manual, no problem. 

🐦 If you can send a Tweet one-handed, you should be able to send an expense report just as easily.   

Fluida is an HR platform headquartered in Milan. Why is this important? You see, Italy is a country infamous for having one of the highest regulatory burdens in the world. Italy’s difficult-to-navigate bureaucracy is precisely why Fluida was born and why it is so effective when it comes to simplifying HR tasks and allowing businesses to effortlessly interact with their staff. 

An HR platform that works in Italy does wonders abroad. We know this because Fluida is multilingual and has thousands of users all over the world.  

🤝 Fluida is the mobile by design, a cloud-native HR platform that simplifies the relationship between companies and employees.

That sounds cool but what does it mean? Let’s cut through the noise and make things easy, as Fluida always does. The terms “mobile by design” and “cloud-native” mean that Fluida is:

1/ Accessible from any device – Users can log in to Fluida from the app or any browser.

2/ Accessible from any location – Whether your staff is working on-site or remotely (thanks Corona …), they can complete any of the numerous tasks that Fluida streamlines.

3/ Always display the most up-to-date information – When employees open Fluida, they all have access to the same information because it is all updated in real-time. The whole team is always up to speed and nobody asks questions like “Is John sick today?” or “Is it Linda’s turn to work remotely?”. Fluida has all the answers.

🤸 In one word, fluida is flexible: it adapts to the needs of your company, not the other way around. This flexibility has been programmed into all aspects of the Fluida HR platform. 


Fluida simplifies corporate bureaucracy by streamlining routine HR tasks. Let’s look at a few such tasks.


However you would like to track the attendance of your staff and whatever their shift structure may be, you can do it all with Fluida.

Clocking in technology:

  • If you’re clocking in/out on-site, you can do so using 3 different technologies: smartphone Bluetooth and GPS or NFC badges.
  • If you’re clocking in/out remotely, all you need is your smartphone’s GPS. Employees may be allowed to clock in/out from any location or from preconfigured areas.

Features that will make managing attendance & shifts so much easier:

  • View everyone’s shifts in the company calendar, which lets employees check the shifts they have been assigned and know who will be in attendance on any given day.
  • Create templates for weekly or daily shifts and assign them to employees with just a few taps. 
  • Add custom shifts and manage shift change requests
  • Assign flexible shifts to employees who can choose when to complete their work hours.  
  • Create customized rules to manage every detail of a shift. Rules such as:
  • Rounding adjustments – Give an employee a time window within which they can clock in.
    • Deferred shifts – Make sure that an employee always completes a shift of a specific duration.
    • Break management – Allow for breaks to take place with or without the need to clock in/out each time.
    • Overtime – Trigger overtime either immediately after an employee’s shift ends or only after a specific amount of time has passed.


A streamlined system to submit, approve/deny and display all requests. It’s the stuff of dreams … at least for HR managers.

  • Employees can submit requests in just a few taps and include all relevant information.
  • Managers can access all pending requests from a single window wherefrom they can approve or deny them in seconds.
  • When a request is approved, it is automatically added to the company calendar, which lets other employees know who is reachable on any given day
  • Each employee can view a summary of all the requests they have sent while managers can see all the requests they have received.

📈 Fluida does away with the busy work so you can focus on the valuable work that drives the success of your business.


Long gone are the days of using Excel templates to create expense reports and sending them via email or carrier pigeon. Fluida streamlines the entire process of filling out an expense report, submitting it, approving it, reimbursing the employee, and even saves all this information, should a company need to review it in the future.

Notable features:

  • Receipt – Take a picture of the receipt right from the Fluida ap
  • Expense category – When the mileage category is selected, users can include their departure and arrival addresses and the software will automatically calculate the reimbursement based on the distance and the average fuel consumption of an employee’s vehicle.

There are many more features to discover, like the activity summarycompany communications, the company directory and so much more!

Our team is a multi-cultural ensemble of seasoned industry experts and young professionals who are passionate about technology and love to see what businesses can do when their potential is unleashed. 

Say NO to the bureaucratic burden that is holding back your business.

Help a friend save money and become a hero!
Lifetime Access to Fluida
Essential 10
save 97.4%
Lifetime Access for Fluida's Essential Plan, which grants users to access on the following modules in addition to basic features.
Attendance Management Module
Smart Clocking in/out Module
Expense Reports Module
Company Communication Module
Activity Summary Module
Document Archive Module
Standard 5
save 98%
Lifetime Access for 5 users to Fluida's Standard Plan, which grants users to access three of the following modules in addition to the basic features
Attendance Management Module
Smart Clocking in/out
Expense Reports Module
Company Communication Module
Active Summary Module
Document Archive Module
Plus 3
save 97.5%
Lifetime Access for 3 Users to Fluida's Plus Plan, which grants users to access ALL of the following modules in addition to the basic features
Time Management Module
Smart Clock in/out
Expense Reports Module
Company Communications Module
Activity Summary Module
Document Archive Module

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