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Write great emails, articles, and social media posts with an AI-based writing assistant that edits as you type.

Meet Linguix.

Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant and grammar checker for content creators and business professionals.

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Everyday Linguix helps thousands of non-native English writers to improve their content, solve business tasks, and let them earn more!

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No mistakes = greater conversion

Error-free writing improves marketing ROI, opens rates for emails and pitches, decreases ticket closure time, and speeds up internal communications, freeing up additional revenues!

State-of-the-art paraphrasing and rewrites to focus on the essence, not wording

Linguix takes care of overly complex sentences, grammar issues, bad wording, and spelling problems, so you can focus on what you want to say.

Highlight your sentence and click to see how you can rephrase and rewrite it to make your writing clear, compelling, and authentic whether you are native or not.

Synonyms review for impactful writing

One word can make a difference in business communications. Review synonym suggestions and word definitions to pick the ones that suit you best.

No matter what you are writing: personal emails, work documents, or just chatting on social media, Linguix helps you to express yourself effectively better to avoid lost opportunities for your career and business development.

Unlike other popular writing assistants and grammar checkers, Linguix offers a complete set of useful writing improvement features, including:

  • Rephrasing and rewriting to make your writing more clear, more compelling, and more authentic.
  • Grammar checking and spellchecking.
  • Readability scores and writing statistics.
  • Shortcuts that automatically expand (accelerate your typing!)
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