Online marketing is the need of the day. Marketers out there need to run several different marketing campaigns in an effective manner in order to make them understand the features of your products and services and ultimately persuade them to buy them. For a limited time, you can get the Logii lifetime deal, while lifetime code supplies last!

However, the browsers available from different companies in the market pose the following challenges for online marketers which hamper their marketing campaigns.

Does that scare you or give our marketing friends some disturbing thoughts.

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Logii Browser Makes Multi-Login & Multi-Account Safer By Preventing Browser Fingerprinting

Well, you now do not have to worry about all these limitations at all as Logii browser presents a “one-stop solution” to all your online marketing requirements.

The browser has been designed especially for online marketing campaigns and is loaded with all the features required to run multiple successful marketing campaigns and does not pose any of the limitations mentioned above.

In lesser words, Logii will empower you to use multiple Ad Accounts, run multi-account Social Media advertising and marketing campaigns and provide the flexibility of running Group Marketing Campaigns with team members besides keeping all your accounts safe.

Running ads with Logii lifetime deal
Logii lifetime deal multi-account marketing
Logii Multi-login browsing
Multi-login marketing
Customize using Super-easy Browser And Powerful Features
  • Create multiple e-com profiles on a platform and sell more of each product.
  • Sell any product in different geographical locations on e-com sites.
  • Market on groups using multiple IDs.
  • Reach out to more people on LinkedIn.
  • Scrape websites and get information for multiple geographies.
  • Analyze what ads are shown to pople in different places.
  • Run ad campaigns for their clients with their unique protected accounts.
  • Compare prices of any product for different geo-locations.
  • Anonymous competition research.
  • Anonymizing browser information while surfing sensitive sites.
  • Sell more as an affiliate marketer using ads or promotions.
  • Create effective conversations in forums about their brand.
  • Attract attention and engage readers on Blogs.
  • Spread their buzz effectively in groups.
  • Give secure access to their teammates for marketing.

Why Should Marketers Use Logii Lifetime Deal

Online Marketers require the freedom to launch marketing campaigns at will without fearing for accounts getting banned, limited account privileges and being tracked all the time.

Logii lifetime deal is a marketing browser or a tool that will empower you to do marketing through SEO blogs, social media platforms and ads.

The browser besides providing account safety is eight times cheaper than VPS and ten times cheaper than other multiple login browsers.

It will provide you the ease to share your campaigns with team members in just a few clicks.

It helps you save valuable time, user friendly and is hassle-free. Some powerful features of Logii lifetime deal that need mention are:

  • You can control the browser’s geo-location.
  • Connect your account to any free or paid proxy
  • Provides cookies and session isolation as every identity gets a totally separate cookie and session instance.
  • Use the user agent you want, the device you want & resolution you want for the sites you browse.
  • Its anti-detection feature keeps your account safe.

Multi-Login Marketing Gets You More Deals In Any Niche

Logii multi-login

Grow Your Business Without Limits & Fear Of Bans

Grow your business
Logii dashboard

Logii Has The Ultimate Anti-Detect Protection
For Your Digital Marketers

We vouch for the fact that no other browser in the market can provide the following features on a single platform.

Logii anti-detect protection features

Logii Lifetime Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Get Logii lifetime deal while the limited stock lasts!

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