Writing a blog is hard work! It takes up your time, energy, and resources. Then why let anyone else copy and benefit from your intellectual property? Here’s presenting a solution to your concerns regarding copyright protection for your blog!

Presenting myBlogs Lifetime Deal – A tool to help you protect every post/page of your blog and monitor your content for copycats worldwide. It uses the powerful technology of blockchain by CopyrightsWorld to protect your intellectual property in real-time. The 24/7 monitoring system finds exact duplicates and plagiarism of your blog posts and notifies you every time suspicious activity is detected.

Buy once, and protect your blogs forever! With a 99% success rate, taking down stolen content has never been easier. 

No installations, no plugins required!

What Can You do With myBlogs Lifetime Deal –

  • Get proof of ownership for all your blog’s content. Register your blog’s copyright on the Blockchain in real-time and get proof of ownership that no one will question.
  • Know who is using your blog worldwide! Did someone copy your blog’s content? myBlogs will find it and let you know.
  • Take down your stolen content in a single click. Removing your stolen content from the web has never been easier. myBlog has got your back!

Some Key Features of This Copyright Protection Tool – 

myBlogs Lifetime Deal
Copyright protection for blogs
myBlogs Lifetime Deal
myBlogs Lifetime Deal
myBlogs Lifetime Deal

Here’s What is Included in This myBlogs Lifetime Deal – 

  • Connection for up to 10 blogs (+10 for every extra code, WordPress & Blogspot supported).
  • Support for posts & pages. Text and images.
  • Copyright Registration on Blockchain for 500 posts/pages per year (+500 for every extra code)
  • Worldwide Certificate of Ownership within 24 hours of posting
  • Individual certificates for every single post or page protected.
  • Worldwide monitoring for your content 24/7 (10 concurrent posts, +10 for every extra code)
  • 5 free Take-down notice for your infringed content & legal support/year
  • (+5 for every extra code)
  • 100 free cwCoins
  • Stack up to 5 codes and get all of the above, 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X, +100 for every extra code.

Get myBlogs Lifetime Deal while stocks last!

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Lifetime Access to myBlogs
Lifetime Access to myBlogs

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