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92% Of The Marketing Departments Do Not Measure The Roi Of Lead Generation Campaigns.

Lead Generation campaigns are essential to any marketing strategy but measuring ROI is difficult and time-consuming as most leads are never centralized for easy management.

This results in most departments investing in low-quality leads and wasting time and money.

If I tell you, there is a better way to manage all your leads by centralizing and qualifying all your leads in one place.

PitchGround presents OhMyLead Lifetime Deal

Ohmylead allows you to track all the campaign performance metrics in one place and identify the best performing campaigns and which ones deliver the highest ROI.

With OhMyLead lifetime deal, your marketing & sales team can now access real-time data, optimize their campaigns, and measure results.

With all your leads centralized under one dashboard, tracking the leads is easier, which will ensure your sales pipeline will never run dry. 


  • Ohmylead allows you to centralize and qualify all your leads in one place and identify which campaign drives you to the most qualified leads.
  • Alternative to: Gohighlevel, Leadfeeder
  • Easy to use, simple UI & UX, centralized lead management dashboard, one-click integration with various platforms like Facebook Lead Gen Ads, Google Lead Gen Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, etc. 
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Digital Marketing Agencies, Lead Generation Agency, Small-Medium size businesses & enterprises.

Critical Statistics: 

  • On average, a lead is contacted after 72 hours; this causes friction and loss of conversion opportunity. 
  • Salespeople receive 73% of unqualified leads from Marketers.
  • 92% of the marketing departments do not measure the ROI of the lead generation marketing campaign.
  • Companies Waste 71% Of Internet Leads (Source: Forbes)
Ohmylead Lifetime Deal

Get started with OhMyLead in just 3-simple steps:

1. Connect: Connect all your lead sources to Ohmylead to unify and streamline your lead management process.

2. Qualify: Ohmylead is built from the ground up to make lead qualification fast and easy and will never miss a lead again.

3. Nurture & Close: Complete your funnel on your lead nurturing tool or your CRM while giving your salespeople insights they can act upon.

Simplify the lead processing by connecting every lead source possible:

You have a lot of leads coming in from different sources, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. 

It is hard to keep track of all your leads, but trying to qualify them takes up time.

OhMyLead lifetime deal is the solution you’ve been looking for.

It connects every lead source possible, so you can easily manage all your leads in one place.

Plus, OhMyLead’s automated qualification process guarantees that you only receive high-quality leads.

Ohmylead leads

Automatic Validation (We at PitchGround Love this solution):

Validating your leads can be difficult.

With leads coming from multiple sources, it’s still hard to validate those emails. For example, an email can be false or has a typo. 

OhMyLead validates all your leads in real-time. 

With the help of powerful integration and smart artificial intelligence, OhMyLead guarantees that all your sources and their leads come into one place.

When lead nurturing is used correctly, it can help you qualify all of your leads and deliver them to your sales team in just one click.

Your marketing automation tool or your CRM can automatically score the leads based on their behaviors and deliver them to your sales team in the best way possible.

Smart Cards for Each Lead:

You need to manually input the lead’s contact information for each lead to generate the lead’s information. This is tedious and prone to error.

Ohmylead lifetime deal takes care of it. The tool automatically generates a smart card with all of your lead’s contact information for each lead. 

You can quickly and easily qualify your leads in seconds by adjusting their status or assigning them to a member of your team.

Features that will make you smile. Measure and Analyze your Lead Ad campaigns & optimize your ROAS as you grow

Lead campaigns are great, but they’re also tough to scale. You’d love to see some data on what works and what doesn’t work for your Lead Ad campaigns. But you don’t want to hire someone to crunch the numbers for you.

There’s no need to be spending valuable time looking at your data and then making excuses for why you haven’t met your targets.

By reporting the qualification results directly on Ohmylead, you get invaluable insights into your campaign’s performance, allowing you to fix targeting issues and increase qualification rates before it’s even noticed.

Ohmylead Lifetime Deal

Mobile Phone Application (Making OhMyLead absolute “No-brainer” deal)

Lead management is hard, but it shouldn’t be. 

Give yourself the ability to manage their leads easily.

Ohmylead’s mobile app will bring more utility to your customer’s lead management process, with features like notifications, one-click lead calling, lead tracking via email, SMS and Whatsapp.

OhMyLead is one of the few pre-CRM companies globally with a mobile application for easy tracking and instant notification.

Here are some more critical features that will “Instantly” help you boost your sales. 

Lead Dispatch: You can assign an owner to each lead and define the visibility of the lead at the user role level.

Smart Views: Smart Views are essentially saved search queries based on criteria you set for proactive outreach to Leads matching specific criteria.

Contacts Multicanal: You can engage customers with Email, SMS, WhatsApp and make calls around the world with the Twilio Integration

Making an appointment: Make appointments and schedule events directly from the Ohmylead interface with the CALENDLY integration.

R.O.I measurement: Identify which of your campaigns is generating the most qualified leads and redirect your advertising investment in real-time towards the most performing campaigns…

Advanced permissions: You can enable advanced permissions for a greater scope of actions.

Import / Export CSV: Import your leads from excel files and qualify them. You can also filter and export a selection of leads.

Phone numbers and email addresses validation: Phone numbers and email addresses are automatically validated to eliminate unqualified leads and save you some time.

Ohmylead Lifetime Deal

Why are businesses choosing OhMyLead over the rest:

  • Simple UI platform – Lead qualification automation – Customer Focused
  • 1000+ Integrations (Native + Zapier) 
  • Mobile App for Instant Access
  • Automated Validation 
  • Smart Cards

Do not be in the 92% marketing department category who cannot measure the right ROI for their leads, be in the 8%. 

Investing in OhMyLead lifetime deal will help you pay off multifold returns, ensuring better tracking and conversion in less than two months of purchase. 

You can potentially generate over 100x return in less than a year if you use OhMyLead daily for your lead generation management. 

For a limited time, OhMyLead is available on a lifetime deal exclusively at PitchGround with never before offered exclusive plans. 

Grab Ohmylead lifetime deal license today while the limited stock lasts!

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Lifetime Access to Ohmylead
Plan A (Starter)
10,000 Leads
Unlimited Lead Sources
Unlimited Destinations
Unlimited Custom Fields
Unlimited Email and Phone Validation
Unlimited Lead Alert
Unlimited Welcome Email
Excel Import and Export
Smart Views
Zapier Integration
SMTP Integration
Webhook API (Input and Output)
Calendly Integration
Twilio Integration
All fetaures and updates to the Solo Plan
Non-Stackable Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan B (Agency Plan 1)
10,000 Leads
Unlimited Sub-Account/Clients
Unlimited Users
Lead Dispatching
Premium Support Packgae
+All the Plan A Features
All features and Updates to the Agency Plan
Non-Stackable Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan C ( Agency Plan 2)
100,000 leads
Unlimited Sub-Account/Clients
Unlimited Users
Lead Dispatching
Premium Support Package
+All The Plan A Features
All Features and Updates to the Agency plan
Non-Stackable Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan D (White Label Plan 1)
100,000 Leads
Unlimited Sub-Account/Clients
Unlimited Users
Lead Dispatching
Premium Support Package
+All The Plan A Features
All Features and Updates to the White Label Agency Plan
Non-Stackable Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan E (White Label Plan 2)
Unlimited Leads
Unlimited Workspaces
Unlimited Sub-Account/Clients
Unlimited Users
Lead Dispatching
Premium Support Package
+All The Plan A Features
All Features and Updates to the White Label Agency Plan
Non-Stackable Plan
60 Days Refund Policy

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