Do you host a podcast or perhaps you’d like to book more podcast interview opportunities? If so, our Podcast Outreach System provides the information you need to start sending more outreach messages and managing your opportunities.

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We understand the obstacles associated with outreach. After all, is the go to place for hosting your podcast. We understand the value of finding more guests or booking more interviews.

That’s why we created the Podcast Outreach System (POS). 

Here’s what you get inside the outreach system. A simple set of resources that teaches you how to start sending outreach campaigns.

  • List of 50 outreach email templates you can quickly personalize
  • Spreadsheet tracking template to keep track of the process
  • Guide to researching podcast opportunities 

Let’s walk through each resource together …

Special Bonus: Podcast Outreach Research and Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Use our research and tracking sheet to document your time consuming research and speed up the outreach process. This allows you to create customized messages quickly and use outreach tools that can automatically insert variables you already collected during the research process. 

The template also allows you to easily keep track of the outreach process. Including details like the pitch date, status of the pitch, and even published episode details.  

Customizable Email Templates

Our Customizable email templates:

  • Save you time and money
  • Help you jump start your outreach
  • Are formatted for variable inserts and easy customization.

You’ll get a spreadsheet containing 25 outreach templates organized by type. Each template is structured so you can quickly insert variables or snippets. This makes it a quick win for any outreach tool like Mailshake or even Mail Merge.

Quick Start Guide to Podcast Outreach

Quick Start Guide to Podcast Outreach

In this guide we walk you through the process of smart research that will make life easier for you when sending your outreach messages. This guide will help you capture details you can use during the outreach process. 

It’s simple but pragmatic and will help you or your team execute and seamless outreach strategy.

Outreach Research & Tracking Template

Following the same vein as the guide we help you organize the information in a spreadsheet template. This way you’ll be able to easily track the status of your campaigns in one single spreadsheet from research to booked.That’s it. Happy Podcasting 🎙

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Lifetime Access to Podcast Outreach System
Podcast Outreach System
25 Podcast Outreach Email Templates
Quick Start Guide to Podcast Outreach
Podcast Outreach Research & Tracking Template

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