Building a Private Community is the easiest way to keep your customers engaged, thus generating more Word of Mouth marketing + more Sales for you.

Scenes Lifetime Deal is definitely the best way!

On top of that, you could save hundreds of hours each month that would be spent on support and guidance.

Let your customers help each other grow, and they together help you grow too.

So, now where to build your community?

Introducing Scenes Lifetime Deal

Scenes Lifetime Deal is a zero-resistance community platform for Brands & Creators to bring their customers, audience, and believers together.


  • White-labelled Community for Your Brand/Company
  • Create Sub-communities for General Audiences, Followers & Paid Customers
  • Alternative to:,, Buddyboss
  • Best Suited for Coaches, Influencers, Brands, Creators

Engage your community by kickstarting the discussions in forums & audio rooms  (coming soon, and a part of this deal)

Make it easier for you to communicate with your audience, and also between your customers themselves with built-in chat in your Scenes Community.

Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to Whatsapp, Discord & a million other chat apps.2022 10 26 07 22 46saasgalleryScenes 1

Engagement does not have to stop at forums & chats.

Host live events in your community, and your customers would be able to follow you all along with the events calendar.

Notify your members instantly, everytime you go live (Bye, bye FB Live)

But what about the past events, and the valuable content that your new customers would like to get access to?

Here comes the Resources section, where you can upload PDFs, Videos, and every valuable resource that you’d like your customers to get access to.

Your customers can access them right away, or bookmark them to revisit later on.2022 10 26 07 23 19saasgalleryScenes 3

Managing a growing community is not a one person’s job. You can invite your team mates as moderators to serve your customers better.

You can also assign roles & permissions if you’d like to have some of your customers to help you moderate to keep a clean community

With so much work going on, it’s time to monetize.

Start selling digital goods & info products in your private scenes community with the built-in store.2022 10 26 07 23 35saasgalleryScenes 4

Now let’s put in some gamification to grow your community virally.

Scenes offer built-in gamification where your customers can earn Virtual Coins by taking actions everyday.

Reward your members with community currency to act as a stimulus for commerce within your community. 

The Leaderboard shows where everyone stands & keep the competition up and running.

Everyone grows together 🙂bitmap

Unlike Facebook groups you don’t need to rely on the platform that you have zero control of, just because it’s Free.

Nor will you have to shell out a lot of money to run a Slack community.

You can Build your Community on Scenes for just $59/lifetime today.

And you can 100% Whitelabel the web & mobile apps to match to your brand.

Create an active community with Scenes to empower your customers to become brand loyalists, and brand loyalists to become brand advocates.


  • Unlimited Admins
  • Unlimited Moderators
  • Unlimited Spaces/Channels
  • Unlimited Direct Messages
  • Custom domain 
  • Zoom integration
  • Notification Center
  • Private spaces
  • Invite & Referral System
  • Coins System
  • Leaderboard
  • Roles System
  • Email Notifications
  • Custom Onboarding Forms
  • Mobile Verification (One Time Pin)
  • User Gatekeeping
  • Follower-Following System
  • In-app notifications
  • Member Profiles & Directory
  • Moderation
  • System Calendar and Event pages
  • GDPR compliant
  • Custom CSS snippets
  • White-labeled community (no Scenes watermark)
  • In-community Analytics
  • Sender Email Customization (via your Sendgrid account)
  • Custom OAuth/SSO
  • API Access
  • Future Updates & Integrations are included
  • 60 days refund policy
Help a friend save money and become a hero!
Lifetime Access to Scenes
Tier 1
Lifetime Access to Scenes
5 Sub-communities
150 GB Storage
150 GB Storage
5,000 Monthly Active Users
2% Transaction fee on Shop Sales
Tier 2
Lifetime Access to Scenes
10 Sub-communities
300 GB Storage
5,000 Audio Minutes per Month (coming soon)
50,000 Monthly Active Users
1% Transaction Fee on Shop Sales
Tier 3
Lifetime Access to Scenes
20 Sub-communities
700GB Storage
10,000 Audio Minutes per Month (coming soon)
Unlimited Monthly Active Users
0% Transaction Fee on Shop Sales
Learning Management System
Tier 4
Lifetime Access to Scenes
30 Sub-communities
1.5 TB Storage
20,000 Audio Minutes per Month (coming soon)
Unlimited Monthly Active Users
0% Transaction Fee on Shop Sales
Learning Management System included
Tier 5
Lifetime Access to Scenes
0 Sub-communities
3 TB Storage
50,000 Audio Minutes per Month (coming soon)
Unlimited Monthly Active Users
0% Transaction Fee on Shop Sales
Learning Management System included

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