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27.2% Of Internet Users Spend More Than 10 Hours A Week Watching Videos

You have a great video, but you’re unsure how to turn it into a marketing machine. 

Your video sits on your hard drive, collecting dust without the right tools, or you have hosted them on free platforms like YouTube, which doesn’t have the right tools for using it for sales purposes on your landing pages.

PitchGround Presents Show by Animaker team (One of the largest video technology software companies in the world).

Show by Animaker is the answer.

With Show’s complete hosting platform for marketers, you’ll get deep analytics, CTA’s, and actionable forms to see measurable results from your videos.

This will turn your video into a lead and customer generation machine on pure auto-pilot. 

Most brands have the same goals with video. 

About 41.2% of brands on the internet don’t have a video strategy, let alone tracking the analytics and driving conversions via those videos. 

That’s an opportunity, miss. 

“Video has always been a vital part of our marketing strategy. Even still, we have increased our video marketing budget for 2022, so we can create even more content.” – said Fraser Wallace, Senior Creative Services Manager at ForgeRock.

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With Show’s powerful video platform, you’ll get the tools to make a video, manage your channels, optimize for your audience and measure your results.

Out of the box, Show by Animaker gives you:

  • Customer profiling and advanced analytics.
  • The only platform that combines Customer Analytics, Product/service analytics & Video analytics in one place.
  • Performs well in extreme bandwidths – 5G and 8K to low bandwidth.
  • Builtin Form Builder.
  • Video SEO (This is massive for tapping and driving into brand new search traffic)


  • Easy to use yet robust Video Hosting platform with deep analytics, customer engagement tools, built-in form, and video SEO.
  • Alternative to: Wistia, Vidyard, Vimeo, YouTube, Sproutvideo. 
  • Beautiful UI & UX and performs exceptionally well with low bandwidth. 
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, small businesses, and agencies that want to increase their inbound leads and generate more sales.
  • Similar solutions will cost you upward of $99/m + extra per video. By using Show’s for just one to three months, you would recoup your investment on this platform when you grab your lifetime deal license from PitchGround.

Critical Stats:

  • Consumers who end up on an e-commerce site through a user-generated video are 184% more likely to purchase and spend 45% more. (Source: WordStream)
  • 18.4% of marketers and companies use videos for lead generation and 12.1% to drive sales.  
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. 

When you use YouTube on your sales pages, here are a few challenges you face:

  • It shows random video suggestions distracting your users. (This is a significant issue)
  • You can not use any CTA.
  • You do not get deep analytics on each video. 
  • You cannot trigger marketing pixels. 
  • No control over your videos.
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Video Hosting with Show:

You want to upload and share your videos online, but you don’t want your users to get lost in a sea of recommended content and ads. 

Not only are your videos at risk of being lost in the shuffle, but hosting them on popular platforms can be expensive and time-consuming.

Show by Animkaer is the answer.

Show’s video hosting service provides high-quality playback without any ads or recommended videos from competitors.

Plus, you can upload as many videos as you want with unlimited video uploads.

Be ready for the video-first future of business.

  • Strengthen your brand – A smooth viewing experience through a private video hosting service means your prospects, customers, and associates view your brand with respect.
  • Engage visually to grow – Video is the future of digital channels. Build, host, and share as many videos as you want to keep building your engagement.
  • Limit access as needed – Want only a select few people to access certain videos? Sure, no problem. You can easily choose who can watch which of your videos.
  • Protect data per law – Show is friendly but highly robust. Its functionality keeps data secure and helps you easily comply with the GDPR and other data protection regulations.
  • Enjoy premium support – Priority support and a dedicated support manager ensures we’re with you at every step. Keep your audience happy while we have your back all the time.
  • Superior video hosting, minus the friction – Easily host and share videos without any headaches. Leave all technicalities, bandwidth, and security challenges to Show!

In short, The more videos you upload, the more people will see your brand.

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Video Email Marketing (One of our favorite features):

One major challenge when using platforms like YouTube is that you cannot show the use of in-built video opt-in forms, which are vital for conversions.

Show’s inbuilt form builder, aka email marketing solution, solves that problem.

Make your marketing videos perform like stars with Show’s Video Email Marketing Solution.

  • Track. Control. Repeat – Create a campaign, create an experiment, and track results to see how changes affect performance.
  • Engage your subscribers – Show, from Animaker, enables your communication with viewers. From sending notifications to responding to queries, keep talking to them.
  • Make it about them – Personalize communication the way you want to. Show gives you the flexibility to go the extra mile and make your viewers feel special.
  • Charm is the new sell – Video email marketing charms your target audience like little else. Leverage visual content to entice and engage your audience.
  • Transform marketing – Delight prospects with your product story. Easily qualify leads based on consumption metrics. Empower your teams to deliver.

With Show’s Video Email Marketing Solution, you’ll find that your marketing videos perform just like the stars.

Improve your marketing videos by using Show’s Video Email Marketing Solution.

Show makes Video SEO very easy:

It’s hard to know how to optimize videos for SEO. 

It can be frustrating trying to figure out all the little details of video SEO optimization. You want your videos to rank high in search results, but you don’t have time to learn all the technicalities.

Show’s Video SEO is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Show’s easy-to-use platform allows you to optimize videos hosted on Show Plus for SEO within minutes.

It will also help you index your videos faster to drive business growth sooner.

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Video Prospecting Made Easy:

(secret prospecting hack..this is between you and us)

Prospecting with videos is a great way to get more leads.

Show makes it easy to create videos that capture attention and are visually engaging. You can use our platform to write video prospecting emails confidently and charm your leads.

With Show, you can quickly generate hot prospects for your videos to help you close more deals. Show’s platform is packed with powerful functionalities that make it easy to produce high-quality videos.

Be with your prospects without leaving your office.

  • Make it easier for prospects – Add a link to your videos and let prospects easily schedule appointments with you for the next steps. A click is all they need.
  • Learn what matters to them most – Run surveys to figure out what features your prospects care about. From price sensitivity to service options, hear them out on everything.
  • Engage everywhere with ease – Our rich, comprehensive features have made video prospecting a breeze, no matter where you engage with your prospects.

Start generating more prospects for your business today (..shh, don’t share this secret prospecting hack with anyone, not even with us).

Video Analytics

Companies that do not make data-driven decisions often fail. 

Getting deep analytics on platforms like YouTube, etc., is very hard, especially when hosting your sales videos.

The lack of data doesn’t help you make a better decision; hence many companies and startups keep wondering what’s going on. 

Show’s Video analytics will have you put your sales teams on turbo growth mode.

Get comprehensive viewer data and achieve business goals.

  • Video analytics beyond views – The number of views is only half the story. Now you can go further and learn viewing patterns and use that to convert views into solid business numbers.
  • Check out details that matter – Wish to know what devices your videos are watched on? How about the OS your viewers prefer? Or their browsers? Learn all this and more.
  • Get engagement synopsis – Check out your average engagement to understand how well your videos are doing. View graphs, charts, or just plain numbers.

With Show’s deep analytics, you will have the tools to track the performance of your videos to make better data-driven decisions.

You’ll see how many people viewed your videos, how long they watched, what they did after watching, and how effective your videos were.

Show’s video analytics will help you analyze the effectiveness of your videos to optimize your landing pages and videos for better conversion.

PRO Tip: Host videos on Show for sales pages, websites, and landing pages to turn your visitors into customers while uploading the same on YouTube for discovery for YouTube searches.

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Why are businesses choosing Show over the rest:

  • Show is built and operated by one of the world’s largest video software development companies, Animaker. 
  • Your data is highly safe and secured. 
  • Intuitive UI and UX, making the platform easy to use. 
  • Robust features like Video Email Marketing, Video CRM to capture and track your leads, Video Hosting, Video Deep Analytics, In-built video forms, etc. 
  • Customer profiling and advanced analytics, the only platform that combines Customer Analytics, Product/service analytics & Video analytics in one place.

Turn the visitors visiting your website and watching videos into paid customers by switching to Show by Animaker. 

Claim your lifetime deal code for Show by Animaker today.

Help a friend save money and become a hero!
Lifetime Access to Show by Animaker
Plan A (Starter)
Unlimited Videos
Unlimited Embeds
Unlimited Surveys/Polls
2000 contacts + additional
3 Team members
100GB Bandwidth/month (Renewed every month)
All Features and Updates to the Starter Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan B (Starter Plus)
Unlimited Videos
Unlimited Embeds
Unlimited Surveys/Polls
3000 contacts + additional
6 Team Members
200GB Bandwidth/month (Renewed every month)
All Features and Updates to the Starter Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan C (Pro)
Unlimited Videos
Unlimited Embeds
Unlimited Surveys/Polls
5000 contacts + additional
10 Team Members
400GB Bandwidth/month (Renewed every month)
All Features and Updates to the Pro Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan D (Pro Plus)
Unlimited Videos
Unlimited Embeds
Unlimited Surveys/Polls
10,000 contacts + additional
20 Team Members
800GB Bandwidth/month (Renewed every month)
All Features and Updates to the Pro Plan
60 Days Refund Policy
Plan E (Ultimate)
Unlimited Videos
Unlimited Embeds
Unlimited Surveys/Polls
20,000 contacts + additional
30 Team Members
1000 GB Bandwidth/month (Renewed every month)
All Features and Updates to the Pro Plan
60 Days Refund Policy

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