Using Storefries, a simple social media management platform, for small and medium-sized businesses can easily manage their social media accounts and increase real-time engagement at affordable prices. For a limited time, you can get the Storefries lifetime deal, while lifetime code supplies last!

Storefries lifetime deal media library
Storefries Lifetime Deal Analytics
Discover the regional content in one place
Plan and schedule the post ahead of time

For those who are trying to maintain several social media accounts for business, a social media management tool is a blessing in disguise.

Storefries, a Unique social media management solution that focuses on content Discovery, Digital assets, Scheduling posts, real-time interaction analytics, and local audience targeting.

It would appear difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to manage channels and promote them in the ever-evolving world of social media marketing. They might not be familiar with all social media platforms, and because digital marketing associations are expensive, getting in touch with them would be cumbersome. There is a void between local Brands and social media that has to be plugged in.

We made storefries to protect you from all of these issues.

Storefries is a simple piece of software that assists users in creating, scheduling and posting location-specific social media content.

Social Media Management tool for Every Business

We all know creating social media content is perhaps the most convoluted difficulty for social media managers and for the new beginners who have new to marketing. With a simple button click, you can make custom content for various social media channels.

The unique content will help you in getting more engagement from the followers as every social media platform has a different set of audience. Generate and plan over 10+ posts a day for various locations using storefries. With Storefries lifetime deal, targeting the local audience is so simple you can select the place to target and get to know about the most trending data in that city which enhances your engagement rate more.

Location Targeting

This is an interesting feature that you won’t find across latest social media marketing tools. You can distribute content at different locations, so you can target a wide range of audiences.

Why use Storefries lifetime deal over the rest of the applications:

  • Storefries lifetime deal offers you one of the most natural and easy UI/UX which helps you need to utilize the tool every day to upgrade your business in the social commerce.
  • This will let you manage to get all the local audience’s attention by using the trending content of your location.
  • You can create limitless posts and schedule them or store them as drafts for your future posts.
  • RSS feeds provide you exceptionally different content based upon the different social media accounts, making them one of a kind.
  • Storefries has a unique intuitive inbox that collects all your messages, comments and notifications in one place to make it easy for you to communicate with your customers.
  • You can also directly comment or like the posts and see the engagement of your posts in a single dashboard.
  • It stores the trending hashtag using hashtag manager also you can store all your media like Images, and videos in the media library with all different folders to organise it.
  • With Storefries lifetime deal you can repeat posts that have high interaction, you schedule a similar post either week by week, month to month and more features listed below.

Get Storefries lifetime deal while the limited stock lasts!

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Lifetime Access to Storefries
Plan A
1 User Allowed
Unlimited Brands (Unlimited social channels)
Unlimited Schedule post and Published Post
Media library (20 GB)
Discover local content (Unlimited) and User Feeds, City Trends
URL shortner, Post preview ,Location tagging
Real time Engagement
Hashtag Manager , Instagram Hashtag Search
Third party integration like Canva , Bitly more
Real time - Published calendar for last three months
Support Gifs, carousel and video posts
Scheduled email notifications for posts
Supports instagram reels
Email and chat support

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