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All of us often come across some really worthy text embedded in images and various digital documents that we would like to extract and use.

TextSniper is a wonderful app that makes text recognition and extraction extremely simple.

Working Video

Instantly capture non-selectable text from YouTube videos, PDFs, images, online courses, screencasts, presentations, webpages, video tutorials, photos, etc.

It’s as simple and easy as taking a screenshot with a built-in snipping tool for Mac.

Working With TextSniper is Simple

TextSniper Lifetime Deal Overview

Now you can instantly capture non-selectable text from YouTube videos, PDFs, images, screencasts, presentations, webpages, video tutorials, photos, etc.

  • Step 1: Press CMD+Shift+2 to start
  • Step 2: Select screen area
  • Step3: Paste or use CMD+V

Why TextSniper Lifetime Deal?

  • QR Code & Barcode Reader
  • Text to Speech feature
  • Customizable shortcut and can be accessed through the menu bar
  • Phenomenally Fast
  • Customizable Keyboard shortcuts
  • Comes with multi-language support
  • Availability of Tech Support
  • Free trial for a week
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Setapp is a subscription service for Mac and iOS apps.

Product Overview

Lightning Fast

TextSniper instantly recognizes text within the selection area using advanced OCR technology.

TextSniper Lifetime Deal Text Recognition

Unnoticed – Until you need it

TextSniper lifetime deal is always at hand with customizable shortcuts. The app does not clutter the macOS dock and is easily accessible in the menu bar.

TextSniper unnoticed

Text to Speech

You can have TextSniper make Mac read text from images whenever you need it.

A worthy addition for foreign language learners or people who have trouble reading text on their screen.

The text-to-speech feature is also a powerful assistive technology for those with dyslexia.

TextSniper text to speech

QR Code And Barcode Reader

Capture, extract, and convert to text any QR code or barcode in a snap.

TextSniper qr code

Our Renowned Association

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Customer Testimonial

TextSniper Lifetime Deal Reviews


  • Extending supported languages:- Adding Japanese, Ukrainian, and Russian.
  • Adding advanced Clipboard History
  • Adding Text Formatting option
  • Improving onboarding and overall application stability and performance

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

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