A complete scalable, adaptive, automated cybersecurity posture management platform powered by AI. It Provides real-time and relevant visibility to the cyber threat landscape of the organisation reducing trust gaps across the corporate ecosystem. For a limited time, you can get the Zeron lifetime deal, while lifetime code supplies last!

Zeron Lifetime Deal Overview

A single platform providing relevant and real-time visibility of the cyber threat landscape of the organisation across the corporate ecosystem. The Platform is divided into 4 sections –

  • Attack surface Automation
  • Business fallout mapping
  • Compliance Automation
  • Defense Automation

Which makes it the ABCD of Cybersecurity .

You can integrate it with any device on earth that generates logs like your laptops, firewalls, dlp solutions, edrs, xdrs, cloud servers and others.

Lack in realtime and relevant visibility in the cyber threat landscape across the corporate ecosystem.

Zeron Lifetime Deal General Flow
Cybersecurity general flow

Attack Surface Automation

Complete security scanning options for your IPs and websites with the inbuilt tools generating completes ports, maps, network and other endpoint details generated to a displayable PDF or HTML report to provide confidence of cyber security and stronger documents to audit security positioning and prioritisation of security entities.

Zeron Attack Surface Automation
Zeron Lifetime Deal introspection details

Business Fallout Mapping

Understand where your business stands and analyse its security posture from

  • Breach Probability 
  • Compliance Score
  • Z – Score
  • Revenue Fallout Metrics.

Compliance Automation

Divided into the sections of the frameworks, the Compliance monitoring Dashboard segregates into controls and documentation. The default supported frameworks are:

  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR
  • NIST 800
  • SOC2

    *It also supports custom compliance standards integrations.
Zeron Compliance Automation
Zeron Lifetime Deal Compliance monitoring Dashboard

Defense Automation

Fully Automated Defense Monitoring with power of AI. Get the details of the each sections from:

  • Security Events
  • Host Analysis
  • Intrusion Detections
  • Responses
  • Network Analysis

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Zeron Cyber Security Posture Management Dashboard
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1 Month Access to Zeron
Zeron Cyber Security Posture Management Dashboard
Defense Module
Compliance Module

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