ZStack Cloud Basic Provides core virtualization features of the Cloud, including all of the compute and storage virtualization features, and part of the network virtualization features.

ZStack Cloud-Productized IaaS Software-Productized Private and Hybrid Clouds

It provides an easy-to-use enterprise-level virtualization platform to meet customers’ needs for unified management of virtualized resources.

Instead of buying-hardware deploy everything with the help of cloud and virtualization.

ZStack Cloud, adhering to the 4S standards (Simple, Strong, Smart, Scalable), provides you with powerful private cloud features and addon services.Featuring lightweight deployment and open-source, the Cloud now supports diverse version planning to better meet your various business requirements.


  • Server Virtualization
  • Simple and Efficient
  • One-click IT Transformation

ZStack Cloud 4.0 Is Here

  • Brand new UI Design
  • Cutting-edge frontend architecture
  • Dramatically increased concurrency
  • One-stop intelligent monitoring
  • Clearer and diverse version planning
  • Smooth and ease-of-use experience

Compute Nodes:N

Virtualization-KVM Virtualization

Zone Management

  • Zone Cluster
  • CPU Overprovisioning
  • Multiple Compute Nodes
  • Memory Overprovisioning
  • Primary Storage Overprovisioning

VM Management:-

  • Manage VM Lifecycle
  • Reset VM Instance
  • Attach/Detach ISO to/from VM Instance
  • Create VM Image OfflinePause/Resume
  • VM Instance
  • Inject AWS SSH Key
  • Set VM High Availability
  • Select VM Video Card Type
  • Set USB Passthrough
  • Set VNC Console Password
  • Create VM Image Online
  • Clone VM Instance Online
  • Change VM Login Password
  • OnlineBind/Unbind Affinity Group
  • Create VM Instance via Different Strategy

Storage Management

  • Local Storage
  • NFS Storage
  • SAN Storage
  • CephShared Mount Point
  • Virtio SCSI Volume
  • Specify Disk of Different Performance to Create Volume
  • Shared VolumeSet Disk I/O QoS
  • Expand Volume Capacity

Image Management

  • Local ImageStore
  • Upload Image by Browser
  • Display Operation Progress by Progress Bar


  • Flat Network
  • Create Multiple L3 Networks from One L2 Network

Platform O&M

  • Real-Time Host Monitoring
  • Real-Time VM Monitoring
  • Performance StatisticsAudit

Platform Management

  • Basic UI Operations
  • Batch UI Operations
  • Advanced UI Operations
  • Account Management
  • Monitor And Alarm
  • Operation Assistant

Technical Support

  • Community Support 5*8
  • Availability (Free for One Year)
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Plan A
ZStack Cloud Basic provides an easy-to-use enterprise-level virtualization platform to meet customers' needs for unified management of virtualized resources.
Server Virtualization Provides server virtualization, and centralized management and control for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Simple and Efficient O&M Manages and controls hardware and virtual resources in a one-stop manner, and provides easy-to-understand operations in a user-friendly UI.
One-click IT Transformation Provides enterprises with a virtualization solution that reduces hardware costs and improves the operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency.

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