Columns is a one-stop-shop to streamline your data insights communication. It’s easy to use, simple to design, and safe to share. Every business people can use it without technical assistance. For a limited time, you can get the Columns lifetime deal, while lifetime code supplies last!

Tableau is too complicated, too expensive, and has no team collaboration, so we hope Columns lifetime deal becomes your new choice! Columns is a simple and fast one-stop-shop that makes data storytelling much easier, from your browser.

Here are the 5 major phases that Columns lifetime deal helps:

1. [Data] You build live data connections through numerous connectors to spreadsheets, CSV files, databases, SQL warehouse, and API.
2. [Insights] The built-in AI will help you discover insights from a data connection faster with little effort.
3. [Visualization] Choose a chart or accept suggestions from a template to visualize your data query, many built-in functions will help you get insights right.
4. [Storytelling] Bring your creativity and do your design collaboratively with your team on top of visualization to craft a crisp story message.
5. [Communication] Connect your Slack, get instant feedback for your work, and quickly move forward with more iterations!

Beyond that, you have choices to build data stories, embedded stories published as a unique URL on the web.

Stop navigating all different tools to do your data storytelling and insights communication!

This deal will be a lifetime value because we look forward to working with you to build the most accessible and affordable modern BI together!

Traditional BI tools are expensive, complicated (to learn and use), and do not help us to get data insights communication done in one place with seamless collaboration. 

As a result, we usually need to hire technical people to get meaningful insights, and it takes a long time to change back and forth, furthermore, if you want to communicate the work, you need to import/export, copy/paste the work to another tool (eg. PowerPoint), this whole process costs you too much time, energy and money.

Columns is created for you to get the communication done in one place, regardless of how technical you are. On Columns lifetime deal, you connect to any type of data you have, review the auto-generated insights in a visual graph, update data analysis through drag/drop or clicks, design your message in-place, chat or share the progress with your peers, at last, save and publish your work securely.

You get the job done right there in one place, in 5 minutes.

Columns lifetime deal is built to deal with a wide range of situations, these are some highlights organized by work type

Data Connection

Connect big range of data sources

  1. Google Spreadsheet
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. CSV/TSV uploads
  4. Snowflake data warehouse
  5. Databricks data warehouse
  6. HTTP data files
  7. Cloud storage files
  8. Kafka real-time streaming data

Insights & Visualization

Connect big range of data sources

  1. Google Spreadsheet
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. CSV/TSV uploads
  4. Snowflake data warehouse
  5. Databricks data warehouse
  6. HTTP data files
  7. Cloud storage files
  8. Kafka real-time streaming data
  1. Auto-create insights query at the first load
  2. Easy to select dimensions and metrics
  3. Support all chart types (Map, Bar, Column, Line, Area, Pie, Doughnut, Scatter Plot, Timeline, etc.), and more to come.
  4. Pivoting and sorting are all easy to operate by clicks.
  5. Click and customization – almost every single visual element can be customized to your own style.


  1. Add annotation with any style at any position
  2. Add arrow with any style at any position
  3. Use an arrow to highlight an area in a visual graph
  4. Highlight specific Bar in a bar chart
  5. Animate timeline to illustrate time elapsed events
  6. Add images, icons, and emojis to the canvas to enrich your story.
  7. More shapes are to be supported in the coming releases.
  8. Version control – every visual story could have multiple versions, an old version can be rolled back to.


  1. Send your visual graph as a Slack message to your configured Slack channel.
  2. Save visual and publish it as a web page.
  3. Embed a visual story into any web app using our embedded code.
  4. Download your visual graph as PNG or SVG files.
  5. Add the visual to a new or existing dashboard
  6. Conversation in place (in a near-future release)

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